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Extreme Passing Kits - The ultimate 3 in 1 off-ice training system

Your #1 Source In Hockey Training Aids!

Welcome to HockeyShot, the #1 source in hockey training & skill building products. We pride ourselves in offering the best and largest selection of hockey training products in the industry! We are always looking to help players, coaches, hockey schools and associations in achieving all their goals. GET INTO HOCKEY TRAINING!



The HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles simulate a real ice surface and is perfect to practice your off-ice drills. Save your expensive sticks, while developing you're passing, shooting and stickhandling. These tiles are very easy to assemble yet strong enough to withstand the toughest slap shots. Get started on your hockey zone today!

Customer Testimonials

"The Dryland Flooring tiles turned out great. The quality is very good and the installation was easy. The surface is fantastic for shooting and stick handling. My kids love going down the basement to shoot or play a little one on one in the hockey room. The ordering process was easy and the customer service at HockeyShot was nothing less than stellar."

-Todd, MN, USA

"Very fast delivery, WOW! I don't have room for a mini hockey rink (or all the other fun equipment I saw on the site) in my apartment, but if I had to buy more hockey products, it would be from Hockeyshot, without hesitation."

-Ramona, QC, Canada

"Had the Ultimate Goalie Hockey Target up and running in our Novice practice today and it worked very well. The product is easy to attach, easy to remove & easy to roll up! The bungee cords work great at holding it together when rolled up. A dynamite product from HockeyShot.com!"

-Doug, ON, Canada

"The Sniper's Edge Shooting Tarp is great. Installation was easy and took only half-an-hour. Combines a protective tarp, hockey net, and targets all in one product, which saves a big amount of money. It also eliminates the bulk and resulting clutter of a large hockey net. I highly recommend this product and HockeyShot!"

-Dustin, MO, USA

"I was nervous to order online but the customer service and quick and replies were amazing! HockeyShot's phone agent could not have been more helpful. They kept me up to date on my order and never made me feel that I was an imposition. I recommend this Web site and will definitely use it again. Thanks HockeyShot!"

-Dawna, ON, Canada

"Excellent customer service! I've ordered several times from the HockeyShot company and have always been satisfied. I had to change an order one time and emailed customer service and the changes were made within minutes. I highly recommend them!"

-Diane, MB, Canada

"Excellent service & very fast delivery! HockeyShot provides the best high quality products; I have not been disappointed yet and have bought a few products from them in the past. Will definitely continue to shop with HockeyShot!"

-Karen, CA, USA

"The ordering process was easy and HockeyShot provided fast shipping! I purchased the EZ Goal with Backstop and cannot get my 6 year old son in the house anymore! It's the perfect product for him to work on his shot. I highly recommend HockeyShot!"

-Todd, OH, USA

"HockeyShot has a great easy to navigate Web site and watching the videos with the product reviews made our buying decision a lot easier. We liked this website so much I referred it to my mom so she could buy my son a gift to go with his flooring. Keep up the good work!"

-Tracy, NH, USA

"Excellent service & really fast delivery from the HockeyShot team. Great easy to navigate website and placing an order was a breeze. Great products, my son loves them all and has told all our friends in the arenas!"

-Carie, ON, Canada

"The Hockeyshot company is AMAZING!! They stand behind their products 100%, no questions asked. They believe in their products and if they are anything less than expected, they make it right. Good job Hockeyshot and keep up the good work."

-Brad, ON, Canada

HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Mini G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 5' by 8' - Player Model HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles
Price: $209.95
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Price: $379.95
Sale Price: $349.95
Price: $10.95
(2.25 Sq Ft per tile)
HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Mini G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 5' by 8' -  Player Model. The G1 Extreme Training system is a low impact system which will increase cardio performance, agility, balance, and coordination. The G1 Extreme enables the athlete to improve the appropriate firing HockeyShot Extreme Glide Dryland Training Flooring Tiles
HockeyShots Extreme Shooting Tarp is a great hockey tool for home use. Its big enough to cover large areas, and lets you practice your shot without damaging windows, garage doors and walls. Its easy to install, very durable and great for anyone looking to improve their shot.

Improve your puck control with The HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Mini. Use it to practice everything from basic stickhandling to toe-drags, with any kind of puck or ball! Easy to set up anywhere you want, on or off the ice.

The G1 Extreme Hockey Training Slide Board System allows players to develop their skating stride, practice their shot, strengthen their stick handling skills, strengthen core muscles, and simultaneously develop agility, balance and coordination.

Dont wait for rink time to practice. Build your own training zone at home with HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles. These 18 x 18 tiles snap together easily and simulate the ice so you can work on passing, stickhandling and shooting. Assemble an entire floor in minutes!

HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight EZ Goal - Pro Steel Folding Goal with Backstop Rebounder HockeyShot Extreme Dangler - 2 pack Slide Board Package - by PowerSlide
Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $10.95
Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $149.95
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $109.95
Price: $184.95
HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight EZ Goal - Pro Steel FOLDING Goal HockeyShot Extreme Dangler - 2 pack PowerSlide Board

HockeyShots Extreme Stick Weight helps you build shooting and stickhandling muscles by slightly increasing the weight of your stick. Its heavy-duty Velcro straps make it safe and easy to secure, while its foam padding protects your shaft from friction damage.

The EZ Goal Professional Steel Foldable Goal is perfect for the driveway or pond. Strong and durable steel construction with rugged and rip-resistant weatherized netting. Backstop Rebounder protects doors and windows from stray pucks and balls and provides good puck rebound to the shooter.

The HockeyShot Extreme Dangler is the first puck-control trainer with moveable middle legs to customize drills for players of every skill level. Learn everything from basic moves to complex toe-drags, on or off the ice.

The Powerslide builds the quick, explosive power that athletes need for the court, field, and ice. Increased lateral power, strength, agility and endurance add up to the competitive edge an athlete needs!
HockeyShot Extreme Passer - Clamp-On Model HockeyShot Professional Shooting Pad - 30''x60''x3/16'' HockeyShot Extreme Dangler Flypuck Training Puck
Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $64.95
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $89.95
Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $59.95
Price: $10.95
HockeyShot Extreme Passer™ HockeyShot Shooting Pad HockeyShot Extreme Dangler™ Flypuck Training Puck

Improve your passing accuracy with the HockeyShot Extreme Passer. Youll quicken your wrists, soften your hands and even work on developing a blistering one-timer! Clamps on to any shooting pad, dryland tile or synthetic ice surface.

Bring home the smooth feeling of the rink & protect your
blades from the asphalt with HockeyShots Shooting Pads. Theyre slicker than
puck board, stronger than plexiglass and wont leave tape marks on your floor
or driveway.

The HockeyShot Extreme Dangler is the first puck-control trainer with moveable middle legs to customize drills for players of every skill level. Learn everything from basic moves to complex toe-drags, on or off the ice.

Flypucks are designed to help you improve your stickhandling skills. Available in 3 different weights to focus on speed and strength. Now comes with FREE INSTRUCTIONAL DVD!
Green Biscuit HockeyShot Extreme Hockey Radar HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit - NEW & IMPROVED! HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro
Price: $12.95
Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $99.95
Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $159.95
Price: $189.95
Sale Price: $149.95
Green Biscuit HockeyShot Extreme Radar HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro

The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing and stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away. Try it and you will agree!

Keep tabs on the growing strength of your shot with HockeyShots Extreme Radar Gun. It accurately measures speeds up to 150 mph and stores the last 10 readings so you can monitor your progress as you train.

Run 1-man passing drills with the HockeyShot Extreme Passing
Kit, now featuring a larger front slope passer design for longer rallies and
more practice. You can even use it to feed yourself one-timers!

Step up your passing game with HockeyShots Extreme Passer Pro. You can use to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its longer passing slot! And, its the only passer with passing lanes on both sides!

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