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  Edge Again Motorized Skate Sharpener - Player Model
Edge Again Motorized Skate Sharpener - Player Model


Price: $179.95

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

EDGE AGAIN™ uses a Diamond Coated "Tusk Technology" that is patent pending. This technology has been developed along with MAGNA Closures engineering team to accomplish a quick fix to an edge or edges that have received trauma during a hockey game.
Product Features:
  • Easy-to-use, motorized skate-sharpening device
  • Each tusk restores up to 30 pairs of skates
  • Self-aligns on skate blade
  • Sharpens 4 sides at once to restore both edges
  • Replaceable diamond-coated sharpening tusks
  • “On the Fly” repair
  • Convenient method of maintaining sharp edges 
Product Includes:
  • Carrying case with handle
  • Charger
  • 1 diamond-coated tusk

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question 1:  I have a 5/8 hollow and my buddy has a ½ “ hollow. Do we have to change inserts?
NO, EDGE AGAIN™ “TUSK” technology is designed to follow the hollow or profile that you have on your blade. The EDGE AGAIN™ Patented tusk technology micro files the tips of all 4 sides at the same time to restore 2 perfect edges.
Question 2:  Will it sharpen a Flat Bottom V profile?
Yes, our EDGE AGAIN™ technology only touches the outside points.
Question 3:    Will it work on my "T" Blades?
Yes, Even though it was not designed to sharpen "T" Blades, EDGE AGAIN™ found that it does work!! You just have to run the unit from both directions to hit the one section in the middle of the blade. (There’s some interference from the plastic molding around the blade.)
Question 4:    How long do I run it on my blade?
It all depends on the severity of the trauma or if you just want to touch up your skate before you use them. A 15 sec. interval will be sufficient for a touch up. If you have a large trauma you may have to run up to 3, 30 sec. intervals.
Question 5:    How long will a “Tusk”(Insert) last before I need to change it?
It all depends on cycle times (times used and how much trauma is on blade). EDGE AGAIN™ recommend that you replace the “Tusk” when it has been used on around 25-30 pairs of skates. You will feel and hear the resistance diminish, as the diamond coating wears and does not have as much bite or micro filing affect.
Question 6:    Can I damage my skate in any way by using this product?
NO!! The unit is designed so it is simple to use. If the unit is not running parallel to the blade or you apply to much down ward pressure it will cause it to bind and stall therefore eliminating any chance of you damaging an edge.
Question 7:    Does it matter which way I run the unit on my skate?
No, you can hold the unit however it feels comfortable in your hand and run it in either direction.
Question 8:    How long does a charge last?
Approximately 50 cycles. Our LED light indicator will give you a early warning signal.
Question 9:  Do I have to run a stone along my blade after I use the Edge Again?
No you do not. Our patented diamond coated “Tusk” technology micro files both inner and OUTER edges. The “Tusk” actually runs simultaneously on the outside and inside removing any burrs
"The Edge Again saved me last night!! Scott Timmins came off the ice with a bad out side Edge on his right foot . I used the Edge Again on his skate just as I got done with his skate, he got called for a shift and got the Game Winning goal for us to make 2-1. The final was 4-1 for Windsor, thanks to Edge Again for giving us the Edge in the Game."
Tyson Tatomir
Windsor Spitfires (OHL)
Head Equipment Manager - (OHL Western Conference Finals GAME 7, 2010)

"In Toronto we used it during the game in the third period "Twice" & worked great ! Once on Staal & Jokinen around the 10 min mark and they finish the game with no problem. Next night in Ottawa, used it on Picard middle of second ! Finished the period !"
Wally Tatomir
Head Equipment Manager
Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

"We had a couple of opportunities to use the unit during tonight’s game and were impressed with the results. Our leading scorer was able to play 18 minutes of the second period with significant trauma to his left skate without showing any signs of a problem. In fact he was in on 3 goals and no one would have ever known that he had stepped on something. The unit also allowed 1 of our top defencemen to play roughly the last 8 minutes of the first period on a damaged blade again without incident. The most impressive part of all this is the fact that each skater did not experience the over sharpeness that sometimes occurs with other products. The burr was removed and each player could continue to play until we had an opportunity to sharpen the skates between periods." We are believers and will continue to carry this unit to every bench of every arena that we play in." Thanks for providing this,
Craig Belfer
Athletic Therapist / Equipment Manager
Kingston Frontenacs, OHL
I used it a number of times at the world under 18s with Team Canada and had great feedback from the players. I really like the design and its so easy to use in a pinch. It saved me from having to do skates during the game more than once and by the end of the tournament, players would ask me to just run the edgeagain for a touch up instead of sharpening. It also received a lot of interest from curious onlookers who also were very impressed. The fact that it can have some side to side "play" while using it without ruining the edge is a big upside for me.  I find with other stones and products of the like, if you slip, it can damage the edge whereas the edgeagain will not. My only suggestion: hurry up with the goalie model! I am very interested to try it on goalie skates vs the dreaded sweet stick that my goalies use!  Thanks again for this product and I will certainly show it to everyone. I plan on taking it to our equipment manager meetings at the draft to share with everyone. Keep me posted on the development of the goalie model and as well, is it possible for me to buy one of the bench holders? I would like to have one for games.
Thanks again!"
Ian Cox
Equipment Manager
Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club

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