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Hockey Plyometric Machines

HockeyShot has a wide variety of Plyometric Machines to help improve power, reaction time, explosiveness and many more. These products are great off-ice training tools that develop core strength, leg strength, lateral quickness and flexibility. These Plyometric Machines will help you get an edge on the ice. 

PowerSlide Board

PowerSkater Dryland Training System

The PowerSkater system provides the most specific training method to give skaters the physical tools they need to meet on-ice demands.


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Plyo Boxes PowerSkater Dryland Training System StrideDeck Skating Platform PowerPlyos System
PowerPlyos System
Price: $1,389.95
***Click image to view pricing*** Increase power to dominate the competition. Multiple heights to develop reaction time and overall explosiveness. Basic drills include forward and lateral jumps. The PowerSkater system provides the most specific training method to give skaters the physical tools they need to meet on-ice demands. Most importantly, it is so specific to the stride mechanics that it not only transfers best to the ice, but is valid skill rehearsal in and of itself. The StrideDeckTM skating platform is a powerful exercise tool for anyone wanting to be stronger, faster and have higher endurance playing hockey. The StrideDeckTM is easily the best way to train with skates on. In real time, the skater, trainer or coach is able to immediately correct the mechanics of the stride for each leg. Build the explosive power, acceleration, flexibility and strength of a champion   Easily configure the three platforms into vertical boxes (12",18", and 30"), "V" angle platforms or side angle platforms.
Russian Box Training System Power Vertex Whole Body Training System Vertical Master - XL Base Plyoboxes - Deluxe
Russian Box Training System
Price: $899.99
Sale Price: $799.95
The Russian Box not only works your speed, explosiveness and agility, but teaches shot control, core strength, and hard line intensity skating. The Power Vertex Whole Body Training System features 8 exercise stations in one simple device. Great for rehabilitation, fitness sport-specific training, health and wellness and strength training. Increase your vertical jump. Elastics create an overload on the muscles without overloading on the joints. Simply add elastics to increase the level of resistance. ***Click image to view pricing*** Space saving stackable plyoboxes made of welded steel and topped with a 3/8 inch heavy duty rubber mat. Designed to be wider or as wide as they are tall for stability and safety. Ideal for leg strength and explosive speed. Powder coated either white or black to your liking.
Pro Power Jumper Double Crossunder Attachment for PowerSkater Intermediate Cord Set for PowerSkater Dryland Training System Medium Cord Set for PowerSkater Dryland Training System
Pro Power Jumper
Price: $349.95
Develop explosive power to improve overall performance. Train with "maximal" jumps for power, repeated jumps for reaction and endurance, and lateral jumps for improved agility. The double crossunder attachment for exercing the crossunder motion using either leg without any repositioning of the unit required. The Intermediate Duty Cord is for the more advanced and higher skilled player at the Major Midget, Junior, College and well conditioned Adult player level. Emphasis is on strength and conditioning as well as training technique. Medium duty cord set. To upgrade your standard system for the advanced skater order this cord set.
Protective Mat for PowerSkater Dryland Training System Heavy Duty Cord Set for PowerSkater Dryland Training System Standard Cord Set for PowerSkater Dryland Training System Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box
A durable foamed cushion mat to protect flooring under extreme exercising with the PowerSkater System. This heavy duty cord set is designed for the advanced collegian level or professional skater. Parts required to modify the basic PowerSkater system to use these cords are included, as well as full instructions. Standard duty cord set. The cord shipped with the full system. Order only to replace the original cord set. Keep your opponent off balance. Platform trains explosive lateral movements for strong and quick direction changes. Set side platforms at 25, 35, or 45 degrees.
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