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Hockey Resistance Training

HockeyShot provides a wide variety of hockey resistance training tools to maximize your workouts. These tools help improve strength, explosiveness, speed and quickness in off-ice situations. Products like the PowerSkater, Speed Chute, Leap Frog, Elite Resistance Strap and many more are amongst the best on the market. 

PowerSlide Board

PowerSkater Dryland Training System

The PowerSkater system provides the most specific training method to give skaters the physical tools they need to meet on-ice demands.


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Speed Chute HockeySled Training Device Hockey Sled Pull Kit EDGE Parachute Pro
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.95
HockeySled Training Device
Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $99.95
EDGE Parachute Pro
Price: $119.95
Speed Chute training allows you to maximize acceleration and top running speed through resistance and overspeed workouts. The Speed Chute quickly improves stride length and frequency to max out top end speed. The HockeySled™ removes the need for multiple off-ice exercises that try to mimic the hockey stride. This revolutionary training device takes the workout onto the ice and builds all the major leg, core and upper body muscles in just minutes per session. The pull kit provides the user with resistance while skating hands free and or stick handling to increase strength on and off the puck. Another advantage of using the pull kit is the ability to build your backward skating and transition muscles. The Ideal training product for either on ICE or Dryland training. High Quality for high use in training centers, hockey schools, facilities & coaches for team use.
Elite Resistance Strap Waist Belt PRO EDGE ELITE Resistance Training Kit #1 EDGE ELITE Resistance Training Kit #2
Waist Belt PRO
Price: $39.95 one belt
EDGE training kit ideal for ON/OFF ice training with a partner! These waist belts are ideal for training either on ICE or Dryland training. EDGE training kit ideal for ON/OFF ice training with a partner! EDGE training kit ideal for ON/OFF ice training with a partner!
Plyo Boxes Doubleman Overspeed Bands Leap Frog PowerSkater Dryland Training System
Doubleman Overspeed Bands
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $44.95
Leap Frog
Price: $54.95
***Click image to view pricing*** Increase power to dominate the competition. Multiple heights to develop reaction time and overall explosiveness. Basic drills include forward and lateral jumps. Increase speed and lengthen your stride with this 2 person overspeed training device. Athletes are attached together with a choice of 10' or 20' Slastix tubing and our universal swivel belts. Similar to the game of leap frog, the lead runner and trailing runner take turns providing assistance and resistance. Ideal for resistance running, overspeed training, and sport-specific plyometric training. The PowerSkater system provides the most specific training method to give skaters the physical tools they need to meet on-ice demands. Most importantly, it is so specific to the stride mechanics that it not only transfers best to the ice, but is valid skill rehearsal in and of itself.
StrideDeck Skating Platform Skinner Shooter Power Vertex Whole Body Training System Rhino Elite Med Ball - Various Weights
Skinner Shooter
Price: $374.95
The StrideDeckTM skating platform is a powerful exercise tool for anyone wanting to be stronger, faster and have higher endurance playing hockey. The StrideDeckTM is easily the best way to train with skates on. In real time, the skater, trainer or coach is able to immediately correct the mechanics of the stride for each leg. The SkinnerShooter is the first hockey shooting device to train hockey shooting with an unique tracking concept. SkinnerShooter uses specially designed resistance bands and pulley system to follow the travel of the stick movement. The Power Vertex Whole Body Training System features 8 exercise stations in one simple device. Great for rehabilitation, fitness sport-specific training, health and wellness and strength training. ***Click image to view pricing*** Rhino Elite Med-Balls are among the best available in the fitness market. Incorporate them into your off ice hockey training program for added resistance to various exercises.
HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight SkinnerShooter Stick Blade Strap for Skinner Shooter Burst Resistant Training & Exercise Stability Balls Accelerator - 105 Pound Resistance
HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight
Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $10.95
HockeyShot’s Extreme Stick Weight helps you build shooting and stickhandling muscles by slightly increasing the weight of your stick. Its heavy-duty Velcro straps make it safe and easy to secure, while its foam padding protects your shaft from friction damage. Replacement Stick Blade Strap for Skinner Shooter The ultimate stability ball for weight and training exercises. Made of burst resistant foam plastic, that deflates slowly if torn or punctured, providing additional quality and safety. This product takes explosive movement training to the next level. Accommodates 30 plus drills which emphasize all the major muscle groups and also helps train speed, agility, balance, quickness, and explosiveness.
Slastix Toners Vertical Master - XL Base GripStik Forearm Trainer Weight Training Sled
GripStik Forearm Trainer
Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Weight Training Sled
Price: $159.95
***Click image to view pricing*** Slastix Toners are better than traditional ''NAKED'' tubing for increased safety and comfort. The tubing is protected from wear, nicks and cuts, as well as from the tubing being over stretched. Build strength and long lean muscle with revolutionary Slastix™ technology. Available in various resistances to accommodate all fitness levels. Increase your vertical jump. Elastics create an overload on the muscles without overloading on the joints. Simply add elastics to increase the level of resistance. Grip Stik wrist roller increases your grip strength and forearm strength. With the Grip Stik, you will improve your hand strength, wrist stability and grip power. Improve shot power! Improve acceleration and leg drive. Target stride length and drive. Great for forward, backward and lateral running drills.
FaSTBands Resistance Training Bands Anchor Strap Excel
FaSTBands are a resistance training tool with benefits galore. They work all of your major muscle groups in the upper leg and core safely. FaSTBands target your quadriceps, gluteal, hamstring, hip and abdominal muscles. Results from use of the product include increased speed, strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass. When doing sport specific training drills for sports conditioning, boot camp and personal training workouts, it is always a good idea to accurately measure your distances. Use these Measuring Tapes to quickly and accurately measure obstacle courses, running distances and other workout drills.
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