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  Soft Hands Stickhandling Device
Soft Hands Stickhandling Device

Price: $10.95

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Product Features: 

  • SoftHands allows the bottom hand to ride freely up, down and around the shaft of the stick while practicing, passing, stick checking and stick handling.
  • Helps the player realize the different functions of the top and bottom hand.
  • Improved skills and fluidity of movement for proper hand positioning.
  • Promotes having two hands on the stick for increased safety.
  • Develops a relaxed, balanced stick grip by reducing the tendency of holding the stick too tightly.
  • Trains top hand to roll while puck handling for increased puck control.

How do you use the Softhands Device to achieve a training effect?
Use the stickhandler daily in conjunction with your Swedish ball and your Smarthockey stickhandling ball. Spend 10 minutes per session with the Softhands and you will see an amazing difference in your stickhandling speed, accuracy and feel.This device is one of the best things you can do for your game.


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