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Leg Trainer - Skating Continuous

Extend leg at 45 degree angles, simulating skating strides. Swing arms and rotate shoulders. Bend knees to maintain proper balance. This exercise simulates the exact skating strides motion. Excellent exercise to help develop leg endurance and explosion.
Consult training program for training days, days off and number of reps and sets for each exercise.
1 - Warm Up
Arm Swings                
Arm Circles       
Cross Crawls       
Trunk Rotations       
Medicine Ball Toss         
Jumping Knee Raises          
2 - Plyometrics
Step Over Shuffle           
Stutter Steps           
3 - Resistance Training
Abs - 3 Way Crunches                           
Leg Trainer - Front Push                             
Power Builder - Backhand           
4 - CoolDown 
Standing Quad Stretch                                        
Seated Hamstrings         
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