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Odor Gladiator

Odor Gladiator

Odor Gladiator


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Your Odor Gladiator includes one Fresh Linen Shield with Odor Neutralizer™. Each Fresh Linen Shield safely battles odor for up to 90 days!

Neutralize Odor

Odor Gladiator™ is a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench in the most inhospitable of environments — the dank, dark sports equipment bag.

Perfect Solution

Odor Gladiator is the perfect solution for performance athletes and their families. Odor Gladiator tackles the stench of intense sports such as hockey, lacrosse and football.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why is Odor Gladiator™ superior to other products?
A: Unlike other products, Odor Gladiator doesn't mask odor. It neutralizes it. Odor Gladiator changes the composition and weight of malodorous molecules. As a result of changed composition, malodorous molecules are no longer detected as an odor. As a result of changed weight, malodorous molecules are rendered heavier than air, reducing their concentration in the vapor phase. Odor Gladiator is especially effective against butyric acid, which is primarily responsible for body odor. Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault explains here.But don't take our word for it, hear what athletes and their families have to say!

Q: I’m just getting started. What do you recommend I purchase?
A: Each Odor Gladiator includes two components: a rugged, reusable athlete-customized exterior and a disposable Fresh Linen Shield with Odor Neutralizer™. To get started, we recommend you simply purchase one Odor Gladiator per equipment bag. In this brief video, we show you how to prepare your Odor Gladiator for battle.

Q: How long does each Fresh Linen Shield™ with Odor Neutralizer last?
A: Each Fresh Linen Shield with Odor Neutralizer safely battles odor for up to 90 days. Each replacement pack contains three Fresh Linen Shields. That's up to 270 days of odor crushing freshness!

Q: Is Odor Gladiator safe?
A: Yes. Our products rely upon organic, non-toxic fragrance oils to provide athletes and their families with a safe and natural way to neutralize odors. No harmful dust. No chemical sprays. No damaging detergents.

Q: Is Odor Gladiator environmentally friendly?
A: You bet. In addition to being safe, your Odor Gladiator will likely last throughout your playing career. Odor Gladiator's reliance upon replacement packs of Fresh Linen Shields with Odor Neutralizer means less waste in local landfills...and more money in your wallet! And unlike products that rely upon chemicals and heavy detergents, Odor Gladiator will never end up as a discarded pollutant that contaminates our groundwater.

Q: Where is Odor Gladiator manufactured?
A: We're proud to fly this flag on all of our products. It's important to us. It's important to our neighbors. And it's important to you. Odor Gladiator is manufactured with pride in the United States.
Product Testimonials:
"In my job, I am constantly traveling with my equipment and leaving it in my car or hotel room. I've always needed a product that eliminated the terrible smell of hockey equipment. When Mike asked me to try out Odor Gladiator, I was skeptical. But after I placed it in my bag, I instantly noticed the difference. The thing I like most about the Odor Gladiator is that I do not have to worry about it. I toss it in my hockey bag and I know it is not going to leak or ruin my equipment. My bag smells fresh and I love the results. During the season, I will have an Odor Gladiator in my bag at all times. I recommend it to every hockey player"
Andrew Brennan, Professional Hockey Player, Denmark Boston, MA

"If you’ve been around the game, everyone knows how bad hockey equipment smells...it stings the nostrils. No one enjoys being around a bunch of open hockey bags, and until now there has not been anything to effectively deal with that stench.
When my Dad asked me to try the Odor Gladiator, I assumed it was just another failed gimmick. However, after just one night I opened my bag to a fresh, welcoming scent. I truly was impressed and never want to be without my Odor Gladiator again!"
Shane Davis, Professional Inline Hockey Athlete, Pittsburgh, PA
" Odor Gladiator works! I noticed the difference the first time I pulled on my gear after dropping an OG in my bag. I kept smelling my shirt thinking someone snuck fabric softener in the wash. It turned out to be coming off my gloves! My girlfriend appreciated it too." Don't be that smelly kid. Pick up an Odor Gladiator."
Jordan Hall, Professional Lacrosse Player, Baltimore, MD
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