HockeyShot x Tyler Seguin Collaboration


What’s more exciting than a HockeyShot product drop? A product drop that’s a collab with an NHL All-Star. 

In this case, we’re talking about Canadian ice hockey pro Tyler Seguin. Currently playing for the Dallas Stars, Seguin is an absolute beauty on the ice known for being an elite playmaker. Seguin has always been a fan of the HockeyShot brand and loves to work on his skills during the off-season. Along with his recent Nine One Brand, we knew this was a natural fit for a HockeyShot x Tyler Seguin partnership. 

This collaboration created two awesome products to help take hockey players’ skills to the next level. The Nine One Shooting Kit and the Nine One Balance Board have quickly gained popularity and have been essential tools to growing in the game. Seguin is eager to help young athletes develop their skills to become the best players they can be, and these two products give an inside edge on developing the mind of a sniper. 

With Tyler being an absolute sniper in the show for almost a decade (along with a Stanley cup), it was only right that we created a product to snipe like Seguin. The Nine One Shooting Kit includes all the essential shooting aids to develop skills to become a premium goal scorer. Transform your shooting abilities, increase shot power, improve your technique, and quicken your reaction time. With this off-ice training combo you’ll be lighting the lamp every game.

Tyler Seguin Nine One Shooting Kit

Along with becoming a beauty scorer, it’s just as important to develop the fundamental strength of being a hockey player. The Nine One Balance Board does just that. Seguin was heavily involved in the process of designing the artwork on the board and worked alongside HockeyShot to create a design that represents him. The graphics on the Balance Board are inspired from his tattoos which each hold meaning. The Balance Board was extremely useful for Seguin and was used extensively during his rehab from hip surgery to gain his core strength back. A strong and stable foundation will help translate to all other on-ice skills. 

Nine One Balance Board

Seguin talks a little bit about his outlook on training for hockey as he explains that “crafting and continuing to develop your skill set is one of the most important things you can do, which requires a combination of on-ice and off-ice training. HockeyShot provides some of the best hockey training aids and equipment in both settings. This partnership helps me maintain and improve the skills I’ve worked on my entire life, as well as allowing me to expand and progress in other areas to be able to succeed in the game.”

The Nine One Shooting Kit also has an exclusive free two-week training program featuring Coach Pavel Barber demonstrating 4 drills per week. This program will not only improve your shot but will take your training and sniping to the next level. Follow along with Barber as he teaches you the most effective drills with this kit and get ready to start sniping like Seguin. Sign up now to get the drills delivered directly to your inbox!