HockeyShot x Tyler Seguin Nine One Shooting Kit Product Spotlight

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Want to start shooting like a pro? We’ve got the perfect product for you. The Nine One Shooting Kit has all the tools you need to transform your shooting abilities into the best that they can be. From improved shooting to accuracy, the Nine One Shooting Kit is the answer.

Designed by NHL All-Star Tyler Seguin and HockeyShot, the Nine One Shooting Kit is perfect for any level hockey player wanting to get a one up on their opponent!  Improve your shooting technique and reaction time with endless drill combinations. Be creative and come up with your own drills tailored to match your training needs and advance your game.

The Nine One Shooting Kit comes with five different training products to help take your skills to the next level. BONUS - there’s a Tyler Seguin poster to keep you motivated. 

The Nine One Shooting Kit includes:

  • Nine One Shooting Pad - This 24”x36” pad will protect your stick and simulate the feeling of ice when working on your snipes
  • Nine One Designed Pucks - 5 standard pucks and 1 dryland puck that allows for more speed when used on shooting pads
  • Nine One Extreme Targets - Attach easily to your goal to improve your shot accuracy
  • Reactive Sniper - Create endless drills with this interactive training device that develops reaction time
  • Nine One Stickhandling Weight - Strengthen shooting and stickhandling muscles to get a stronger shot
  • Tyler Seguin Poster - Hang it up in your training area for extra motivation

With the combination of products included in the Nine One Shooting Kit, you will begin to improve all aspects of your shot including power, accuracy, reaction time and more!

Visit the Tyler Seguin Nine One Shooting Kit page to learn more.