How Do I Join?

Become a member by creating an account on any HockeyShot website -, or, hereafter referred to as the ‘HockeyShot website’. Visit the Red Light Rewards tab in your account dashboard for current rewards, benefits, and to view your rewards point balance.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership sign-ups are limited to one email address per customer.

How do I Earn Points?

You must create an account with HockeyShot to receive points. There are many ways to accumulate points through the HockeyShot website once your account is created:


Site Purchases

 Action Points Limit
Spend $1 1 point* None
Spend $350 50 bonus points Once per transaction
Spend $500 100 bonus points Once per transaction
Spend $1000 200 bonus points Once per transaction


Site Activities

 Action Points Limit
Create an Account 25 points Once
Write a Review 15 points Once per product
Sign up & complete a Training Program 25 points Once per program
Leave a Photo Review 50 points Once per product
Leave a Video Review 50 points Once per product
Birthday Reward 50 points Once per year
Refer a Friend 100 points None


Social Activities

 Action Points Limit
Share on Facebook 5 points None
Like HockeyShot on Facebook 5 points Once
Follow HockeyShot on Instagram 5 points Once
Subscribe to HockeyShot on Youtube 5 points Once
Follow HockeyShot on TikTok 5 points Once
Follow HockeyShot on Twitter 5 points Once

*Login to your account to determine tier level and how much is rewarded. Additional points may be awarded during different promotions. See ‘What are the different Tiers of the program?’ section below for additional details on Tier levels.
**Give your friends 10% off on their first order of $200+ and get 100 points for each successful referral.

Do HockeyShot gift cards count towards my account?

The individual who purchases the gift card will see the total amount purchased in their Red Light Rewards account. However, orders placed with a gift card do not count toward the lifetime spend in your account.

When will I see my points in my account?

Points are awarded when your order is shipped. You will see the points in your account within one day of shipping.

What happens to my points if I make a return?

When you return an item, you lose the points earned from that purchase. These points will automatically be removed from your accounts once your payment is refunded.

If you return an item using a rewards credit you will not get the points you earned for that purchase back, but you will get the reward points that you used to make that purchase back in your account.

What are the different Tiers of the program?

 Benefit Tier 1 - ROOKIE Tier 2 - PRO Tier 3 - ALL-STAR
Free to join Spend $1,000-$2,999 per rolling year Spend $3,000+ per rolling year
Point Multiplier 1x 1.25x 1.5x
Merchandise Giveaways * *
Exclusive Offers *

Do my Points expire?

Red Light Rewards points expire after a year of inactivity. Your tier level may be downgraded to a lower tier (see 'Does my Tier Level expire?').

Does my Tier Level expire?

Rewards points are earned on an on-going basis starting on the date you joined the Program and continuously earned through completing various actions as a registered member of the Program. Expiration of membership tiers is as follows: at the end of your first year, you will remain in the tier that you reached in your first year for the entirety of your second year, and keep those benefits. At the end of the second year, your tier for the third year will be based on your points earned in the second year only, and so forth.

During the year, you can move up in tiers, but you will not drop below the tier you reached at the end of the previous year for the entirety of that year. However, if, by your anniversary date, you have earned a lower number of points than the tier you were in all year, you may drop to a lower tier based on your point total for that year. The signup date will be known as your 'anniversary date'.

How do I redeem a Reward?

Visit the rewards dashboard in your account to see your available points and rewards. Once you are eligible for a reward, make sure you are logged into your account, add an item to your cart and use the dropdown button on the checkout page to apply your reward.