Elvis Stojko skates on HockeyShot.com synthetic ice

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Elvis Stojko skates on HockeyShot.com synthetic ice

Four time Canadian Olympian, and celebrated figure skating champion Elvis Stojko talked to fitness guru the Performance Trainer about his love of HockeyShot.com’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice.

Elvis said, “Over the years in my career, about twenty years ago, I was able to try a product which was called ‘Glice’. You had to use sprays on it, it was messy, and it was tough to skate on it. You’d trip and fall, and it was kinda weird!”

Flash forward twenty years, and Elvis has become and evangelist for Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, which doesn’t require sprays, liquids or other messy compounds. Elvis told Stephen “For maintenance, ease of use, for set up, and overall, I think this is the best product out there!”

Whether you are using hockey skates or figure skates, HockeyShot.com synthetic ice challenges skaters to take more powerful strides and dig harder into their turns but you can’t find a surface which is closer to the experience of skating on frozen water ice than this.

There is a little more friction, though by enabling athletes to train in their basement, garage, or other indoor spaces, synthetic ice offers opportunities to, as BodyBreakers Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod would say, “Keep Fit, and Have Fun!” Instead of skating on well-worn ice, you can practice your stride and techniques like deking, passing, and moving shots.

Elvis said, “When you train on this surface, and then you get on the ice, you just fly, because your muscles are honed, and you just push harder, which makes it that much easier!”

Stephen, who has trained hockey players and skaters at all levels, agrees, and says many people have told him “After working out on the synthetic ice, and then getting back on real ice, it’s just, Wow! I’m so much faster, and so much more explosive! It’s kind of like Mohammed Ali, how used to work out under water, because water has more resistance than air, you have to work harder. When you take away some of the resistance, you can skate much faster!”

Extreme Glide ice doesn’t require any sprays, oils or other lubricants to keep the synthetic ice. You can also do other workouts on synthetic ice. If you don’t have the luxury of a lot of space, you don’t have to completely dedicate a room where you set up the Extreme Glide surface to skating and hockey practice, you can still use the rooms for other purposes.

No Elvis Stojko interview or video would be complete without showcasing his fancy figure skating footwork. I could be the best blogger in the world, and not do Elvis justice. You’ll just have to watch the synthetic ice video, or you can probably find other footage of Elvis, skating to the “Dragon” soundtrack somewhere on the internet.

If you’ve read this far, you are no doubt intrigued by HockeyShot.com’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. The best way to found out just how effective it is to practice on Extreme Glide synthetic ice, you’ll want to:

  • Order your own Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice
  • Set it up in your own home or business
  • Sharpen your skates, and try it out for yourself!

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