Sportsnet Biosteel Challenge - Featuring Connor McDavid & Tyler Seguin

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Sportsnet Biosteel Challenge - Featuring Connor McDavid & Tyler Seguin

On September 17th, 2016 the Sportsnet Biosteel Challenge contestants were chosen at De La Salle Arena in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto Blue Jays ace pitcher, Marcus Stroman acted as host of the event. Andrew Ferlatte, Scott Thomson, Neil Engelberg and David Winter were the proud winners, and were given the golden opportunity of being “ordinary people” with the chance to take on NHL superstars Connor McDavid and Tyler Seguin in a variety of hockey game-like situations.

To give these four guys a fighting chance against two of the best players in the league, HockeyShot provided them with some fantastic training aids to prepare for battle! The Extreme Passing Kit, Slide Board Pro, Extreme Dangler and Mini Dangler were all used during the challenges to “even” up the playing field against #97 & #91.

Connor McDavid Video:

First up was the opportunity for Scott Thomson & Neil Engelberg to show how outstanding their goalie skills were by trying to stop NHL superstar Connor McDavid on a breakaway. Thomson had been very active on social media leading up to the challenge by saying how he was “not afraid of McDavid” and felt he could “stop every shot”. Throughout the video McDavid can be seen dangling on HockeyShot’s Extreme Dangler & Mini Dangler. And dangle he did over-and-over again, making Thomson’s online claims look very foolish! Maybe it is not that easy to stop an NHL scoring machine in real life compared to on Twitter lol. Engelberg wisely had no preconceived notions about trying to stop McDavid and he gave a valiant effort. The fact that both amateurs got a couple of saves should be an amazing highlight and something that they can brag about for the rest of their lives ;)

Tyler Seguin Video:

Finally, Andrew Ferlatte & David Winter took on an shooting accuracy challenge against Seguin that saw them have their dreams come true. They not only met the Dallas Stars superstar, but got to compete against him on the ice! HockeyShot provided training aids to give Ferlatte & Winter the best chance to win against a professional. Sadly, the pair needed a lot more than some of HockeyShot’s finest shooting products to be more accurate than one of the top goal scorers in the entire NHL. Ferlatte & Winter exceeded expectations, but they will need to continue to practice with the HockeyShot products if they want to beat the professionals down the road…

For more info, please visit: Sportsnet Biosteel Challenge

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