Teakle Brothers Testimonial on HockeyShot's Synthetic Ice

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Teakle Brothers Testimonial on HockeyShot's Synthetic Ice

Toronto’s Teakle brothers are two large, strong, savvy hockey coaches. Sean Teakle is the Head Coach of the Hill Academy hockey team, and his brother Justin is the Head Coach and Head Hockey instructor of the Toronto Patriots hockey team.

Sean has coached some great talent like recent Edmonton Oiler first rounder Connor McDavid. His brother Justin played with not-so-shy Montreal Canadiens star PK Subban. Both are Pro Hockey instructors and know how to train high-calibre players.

The Teakle brothers took some time out of their schedule to talk to HockeyShot the Performance Trainer. The Performance Trainer pointed out that some of the best athletes to ever strap on the blades have installed HockeyShot synthetic ice surfaces in their home:

  • Jason Spezza
  • John Tavares
  • Bobby Ryan
  • Figure skating great, and Olympic medallist Elvis Stojko

Sean said “I really think you can really transfer the skills you learn on the HockeyShot.com Synthetic ice can transfer over to your own ice. I could feel the resistance on it, and you can transfer the skills you learn…I think it will make my job two times easier. You feel like there is more resistance when you are skating, and you feel like you might fall forward, fall backwards, or fall sideways at times, and it makes you work harder”

Justin mentioned to skate on the HockeyShot artificial ice surface, you have to keep your hips down tight, your knees bent, and your shoulders back. He says “you have to be in a perfect hockey stance permanently to maintain balance”.

Sean agreed with Justin, and felt that using the HockeyShot practice surface would teach you to have more explosive starts, and skate harder on the ice.

Take it from the pros: the synthetic ice surface from HockeyShot gives players at any stage of their game a great workout, more jump in their stride, and challenges you to hone your posture and stride while manoeuvering around the familiar confines of your basement or garage space. No sprays, lubricants or chemicals required!

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice

Synthetic Ice

Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, the closest surface to real ice on the market.

Visit the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice page

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