Trick Shot Challenge

HockeyShot™ Trick Shot Contest

Welcome to the 3rd annual HockeyShot Trick Shot Challenge, the most innovative way to challenge yourself and get better during the off-season. This contest makes training fun especially on those hot summer days! Last summer, we had over 200 entries that had some fantastic Trick Shots, and this year we expect to double or triple that number!

Every contestant must submit a video of their trick-shot in order to be eligible to win great prizes. The goal here is be creative, have fun and challenge yourself. The contest ends august 22nd, so you've got all Summer to show us what you've got!

2014 Winners:

1st place - Desmond Yeung & Eric Wilson - winners of an Home Training Center package #2 (414.95$ value).

2nd place - Owen Stock - winner of an Extreme Passing Kit (189.95$ value).

3rd place - Scott Persson - winner of an HockeyShot Shooting Pad (99.95$ value).

Participation prize winner – Tommy Kolokathis, June 1st - winner of the HockeyShot Ultimate Training Guide powered by ($19.95 value)

Participation prize winner – Dylan, July 29th - winner of the HockeyShot Ultimate Training Guide powered by ($19.95 value)


We want to thank our awesome sponsors, and for their support in our contest. They will be handing out cool prizes during the contest! Make sure to check out our sponsor's Web sites!

Show us What you've Got!

HockeyShot is excited to announce the 2014 Trick Shot challenge for a 3rd consecutive year! We hope you've been practicing those snipes, trick shots and video editing skills because the contest starts now! Give us the best you have as we reward creativity, video editing and passion. Make it fun with music, titles, narration and more - whatever shows off your hockey skills best! Good luck!

The HockeyShot team will select the 3 winners. Winning trick shots will be judged on creativity, level of difficulty and originality.

Format: video up to 6 minutes


  1. Videos must follow the theme (Hockey Trick or Skill Shot). If the video does not follow the theme it will be deleted from the contest.
  2. A maximum of 3 entries per participant.
  3. HockeyShot selects the 3 contest winners.
  4. Videos can be submitted from June 1st – August 22nd 2014.

2013 Winners:

1st place - Austin Gorton - winner of an Home Training Center-Package #2 (414.95$ value)

2nd place - Dylan Christie - winner of an Extreme Passing Kit (189.95$ value)
Watch Video:

3rd place - Will Weathington - winner of an HockeyShot Shooting Pad (99.95$ value)
Watch Video:

Participation prize winner – Jack Porter, July 26th - winner of a HowToHockey Complete Guide to Stickhandling ($24.95 value)