The Hockey Mind

Hockey players can be extremely focused on their training and the physical aspect of the game that they sometimes forget the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL aspect is just as important. The Hockey Mind is something that must be sharpened through a player’s career, which allows the athlete to fully become the best hockey player they can be. We have partnered with world-class coaches and leading authorities in emotional INTELLIGENCE as it relates to performance in sport. The tips in this section are designed to give you the opportunity to FOCUS on things away from the ice that will allow you to better PREPARE your mind for when you are on it. The key to hockey HAPPINESS is something all players strive for, but is something that is extremely hard to fully conquer. The tools you need to be mentally prepared to change the game are only a click away, so what are you waiting for?!

Hockey players can be so focused on the physical aspect of the game that they forget the mental aspect is just as important.

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