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All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles

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Regular price $13.99 USD


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HockeyShot's top selling All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles have a unique formula which delivers our best puck handling yet & are now available in BLUE! A patented symmetrical clipping system offers a much quicker installation and the lightweight flexible design works better on uneven terrain. Train like a pro with All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles! The addition of blue tiles allow you to make a customized rink to meet your training needs. Arrange the blue tiles to create blue lines, goalie creases or an entire blue rink. The UV-resistant tile colouring won’t fade in the sun or rub off onto goalie pads, and the self-lubricating construction doesn’t require wax or liquid treatments. Connect your blue tiles seamlessly with white All-Star Dryland Tiles. Sold individually.


Improves Shooting
Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing
Improves Goaltending

Product Features

  • 18" x 18" tiles sold individually with no minimum order for easy customization.
  • Patented, symmetrical clipping system for quick assembly and easy removal.
  • Our unique formula offers our slickest and smoothest puck-handling experience ever.
  • UV protection and a weather-resistant treatment to withstand outdoor cold and heat.
  • Improved construction and lightweight, flexible design, better accommodates uneven terrain while remaining strong enough to park vehicles on them.
  • Fewer seams than the competition for a smoother training surface.
  • Build your own basement or garage hockey training floor area!
  • Enhance your tile experience and keep the puck in play with our Puck Stopper Edging.
  • Utilize our Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.
  • Tiles sold individually.

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