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Extreme Slide Board

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The most versatile slide board ever created, the HockeyShot Extreme Slide Board can be customized to fit your training style, size, and strength. This slide board helps to strengthen your lateral pushes, and improve your cardio so you can take your skating to the next level! The slick surface, combined with the solid edging provides an ice-like push and glide feel. Not just for forwards and defencemen, slide boards are a great training tool for goalies to mimic sliding post to post. Unlike any other slide boards on the market, the HockeyShot Extreme Slide Boards are built using our All-Star Dryland Tiles instead of a long sheet. This allows a customizable slide board that you can add components over time as you grow and as your training routine expands. Change the length or the width, and add stoppers so that you can push off in different directions. The multi-piece system also allows you to quickly tear it down for storage or transport and just as quickly put it back together for use.

The Extreme Slide Board comes in 4 sizes. Choose the size based on the height and stride of the player.

Assembly instructions


Improves Skating
Improves Strength & Conditioning
Improves Goaltending

Product Features

  • Customizable sizes (length and width)
  • Rubber stoppers help prevent sliding on smooth surfaces
  • Comfortable foam bumpers for extended training sessions
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage, transport, and quick training
  • Includes a pair of large Slide Board Booties (size 8-12)
  • Connect it to other HockeyShot Revolution, All-Star, or Edge Foam tile surfaces
  • Use it as a shooting or stickhandling surface when not used as a slide board
  • Includes Extreme Glide Polish
  • Side board width is 18 inches for all sizes