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Optimize your training session

The HockeyShot Reactive Sniper is a fun and revolutionary training device designed to:

Improve your
Shot Accuracy
Shot Accuracy
Increase your
Reaction Time
Reaction Time
Develop your
Hockey I.Q.

How it works

Setting up the HockeyShot Reactive Sniper

1Create your drill

2Set your speed preference on the Reactive Sniper (5 options - between 1 and 7 second intervals)

3Set the no. of color options (2 - 4)

4Place the color rubber dots in the training area

5Place the Reactive Sniper in front of you in the training area

6Start training and improve your skills!

Endless Drills Combinations

5 Arrows | 4 Colors | 5 Speeds

HockeyShot Reactive Sniper Features

For the best Results

Complete your skills training zone

Synthetic ice
Synthetic Ice

The smaller, lightweight, flexible Synthetic Ice design means you can throw-down and pick up your artificial ice surface anywhere!

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Dryland Tiles
Dryland Tiles

Best puck handling yet, quick to install and the new lightweight flexible design works better on uneven terrain.

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Speed Deke
Speed Deke

Learn everything from basic moves to fun dangles. Adjust height (patent-pending) to work on different techniques.

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Extreme Defender
Extreme Defender

Shaped like skates and the blade of a stick with high impact plastic, practice getting around or through your opponent.

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