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Rush Defender

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Overspeed Training

Designed for modern hockey players

It’s finally here! Game-speed, no compromise & no bad habits.

The Rush Defender is the most complete on-ice training tool ever offered. It is ideal for coaches, instructors, and of course hockey players looking to improve their overall game. It has been designed to power-up your agility, develop your hand-eye coordination, practice your up-tempo skating and puck handling all at once. Use additional units to create stepovers to build into your training or combine it with the HockeyShot Speed Deke.

Improve your
Shot Accuracy
Linear Crossovers
Increase your
Reaction Time
Speed, Skills & Agility
Game Speed Situations

Years of Development

On the ice and in the lab

HockeyShot Reactive Sniper Features
Includes two stick-blades and one 2.5m cut resistant belt
Rubber won't damage skate blades if stepped on
Want longer stamina drills?
5m cut-resistant belts also available!
Mooring pins/anchors
Eliminate sliding on ice, floor or ground

Follow Dan Ninkovich on the road

Renowned Hockey Coach & the brain behind the Rush Defender

Dan Training using Rush Defender

Complete your skills training zone

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