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Roll-Up Shooting Pad

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The HockeyShot Roll-Up Shooting Pads are the largest on the market, and great for working on puck control and shooting. Use the extra size to practice wide-angle toe-drags, double moves and whatever else you can think of to build your skills. You can also use them to work on your passing, either with a partner (they're big enough) or by attaching a self-passer.

  • 4' x 8.5'
  • 4.5' x 10'


Improves Shooting
Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing

Product Features

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use on a smooth, flat surface.
  • Slicker and more ice-like than puck board.
  • More durable than plexiglass.
  • At 1/10", it's thin enough to roll up yet thick enough for a smooth feel on heavy slap shots.
  • Large enough to practice multi-move sets and wide-angle toe-drags.
  • Eliminates tape marks on your floors or driveway.
  • Try our Extreme Glide Polish to give your shooting pad new life!

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