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Sauce Phenom Catcher

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Master the sauce pass! The HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is your ultimate 3-in-1 mini goal. Whether you're playing the sauce game with friends, practicing your pass accuracy or playing on the pond, you can do it all. Conveniently foldable, the Sauce Phenom easily fits in your bag so you can bring it to school or to the beach during the off season. The skirting around the bottom of the net will allow you to carry up to 6 pucks with ease. In the yard, the basement or on the pond, the Sauce Phenom will provide hours of fun and help make you a better player. Pick up a pair and set up a sauce version of Cornhole. If you're up for a challenge and want to step up your sauce game, you can also get the Sauce Tutor (sold separately) for precision training.


Improves Shooting
Improves Passing

Product Features

  • The 3-in-1 goal can be used as a sauce net - remove the ramp to practice your precision passing or remove the base for pond hockey.
  • Heavy duty materials make this mini-net more durable than ever before.
  • Folds flat to be stored easily or carried in your backpack. Unfold it and transport all of your practice pucks to and from the rink.
  • Plastic feet allow the net to be easily secured to the Sauce Phenom Launch Pad.
  • Slightly larger than our previous version makes it easier to practice long distance sauce passing. (13" x 15" x 12.5").
  • The zippered pouch skirting can hold up to 6 pucks for transportation, or to add weight to help secure the net in place.

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