In the Mountains With Jeremy Weiss

Jeremy Weiss of Weiss Tech Hockey takes his skills to the Mountains and beyond to test out HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. This saucer pass training aid is a fun, innovative product that allows all hockey players to practice and perfect their saucing skills. The DIY Sauce Combo provides two options. First, it can come in a single unit, which includes: (1) Sauce Catcher, (1) HS Junior Shooting Pad and (3) HS Pucks. The second option is a double unit, which provides double the fun. Basically, it comes how it sounds (2) Sauce Catcher, (2) HS Junior Shooting Pads and (6) HS Pucks.

As seen in the video, Jeremy is using HockeyShot’s prototype of the DIY Sauce Combo. However, HockeyShot’s finished product (set to launch by 2016 holidays) will come with graphics on the Shooting Pad that will replicate that of an actual hockey rink surface. Jeremy shows that HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo can be played and enjoyed absolutely anywhere. Going for a trip up to the mountains? Or to soak up the sun on a beach day with friends and family? Add to the fun by bringing HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. The sauce kit itself is very portable and can be played anywhere. Challenge yourself or friends to a saucing contest. Sauce over/ under objects or even attempt to sauce over a river like Jeremy Weiss himself. Pick up HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo at and don’t forget to check out other fun and innovative training aids to improve your game!