Lamplighter Stick Weight Review

Having a harder shot is a common goal for many hockey players. There are quite a few products on the market today that promise to help you improve your shot and the Lamplighter stick weight is one of them. The Lamplighter is a weighted bar wrapped in fabric that can be inserted into the shaft of the hockey stick. The purpose of this product is to add weight to your stick while shooting which in turn will build your muscles and improve your shot power.

Overall Thoughts

I like the idea of using weights in training as long as it does not affect your technique. When using the Lamplighter it seemed that most of the weight was at the top of my stick which threw the balance and feel of the stick off (it appears the weight was a little too snug in my stick which may only happen with some models of hockey sticks). I did feel the difference and noticed it in my muscles so I think that when used properly the Lamplighter would help build the muscles involved in shooting.

What I typically do is shoot with a normal stick and pucks first, then add some weights, then shoot normally to end the session, this helps keep your shooting technique the same.

Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is a very efficient tool to help increase your shot velocity, stickhandling skills and upper-body strength. The hockey stick is perfectly balanced and can be used with any hollow shafted stick. This stick can be used not only on the ice, but off-ice as well.

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