Free 4 Week Program Featuring Over 60 Hockey Specific Exercises

Engaging in an off ice training program is the best way to get in great shape for hockey. Our 4 week training program is designed to help you reach your hockey training goals.

Our hockey training program has been designed by training experts and contains hockey-specific exercises designed to help you target specific muscles used in hockey. Each workout is divided in 4 segments, each important to help you attain your goals.

  1. Warm-Up(10-15 minutes)
  2. Plyometrics/Speed Exercises(30 minutes)
  3. Resistance Training/Power(30 minutes)
  4. Cool Down(10-15 minutes)


The HockeyShot training program has been designed by the HockeyShot training expert’s team and may not be suitable for everyone.Please consult your physician before engaging in any exercises listed in our training program. Please use caution when performing anyexercises. If at any time during training you feel pain, diziness or shortness of breath, stop immediately and consult your physician.HockeyShot assumes no liability if you choose to perform any of the exercises shown. Users do so at their own risk. Feel free to wear your own custom hockey jerseys.

Download Training Program Now (200kb) 

For best use, we recommend printing the program and using our Web site for exercise description and videos. Training days, days off, number of reps and sets are all indicated in the PDF version  of the program.

1 - Warm Up

Arm Swings | Arm Circles | Cross Crawls | Trunk Rotations | Walking Lunges | Leg Swings | Skip and Rope | Medicine Ball Toss | Trunk Twists | Prisoner Squats | Jumping Knee Raises | Jumping Ankle Taps | LightJog

2 - Plyometrics

Spring Jumps | Side to Side Jumps | Short Sprints | 1-Foot Square Hops | Leg Trainer - Skating Continuous | 5 Cone Drill | Fast Crossover Shuffle | Backward Stride | Squat Jumps Continuous | Lateral Skating Jumps | Side to Side Hop - 1 Foot | Step Over Shuffle | Squat Tuck Jumps | Skipping Bounds | Split Jumps | Lines Conditionning Drill | Stutter Steps | 1 Leg Stickhandling Drill

3 - Resistance Training

Leg Trainer - Skating Push | Leg Trainer - Side Push | Power Builder - Snap | Tricep Push | Bicep Pull | Push Ups | Abs - 3 Way Crunches | Superman | Leg Trainer - Front Push | Leg Trainer Inner Pull | Power Builder - Slap | Power Builder - Backhand | Back Push | Chest Push | Med Ball Lunge | Med Ball Abs | Med Ball Side Core Twist | Leg Raise Toe Touches

4 - CoolDown

Quad Stretch | Seated Hamstrings | Standing Calves | Hip Flexor | Seated Groins | Wrist Flexors | Shoulder Stretch | Lower Body & Hips | Hip Rotators | Wrist Extensors | Elbow Pull Back

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