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Slide Board Pro, 8ft

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Regular price $199.99 USD


Before you can become an excellent hockey player, you have to become an excellent skater. The fully adjustable HockeyShot Slide Board Pro was designed to build the muscles to help you get there. It helps you work on lateral power, agility and endurance so you're quicker on the ice, quicker to the puck and more valuable to any team you're on.


Improves Skating
Improves Strength & Conditioning
Improves Goaltending

Product Features

  • 22-inch width for full extension on both sides.
  • Available in 8’
  • Easily adjusts to any length.
  • The rubber wedges are angled to ensure correct form when pushing off.
  • Comfortable foam bumpers for extended training sessions.
  • Integrated carry handle, carry bag and storage bungee cord make it easy to transport.
  • Includes a pair of large Slide Board Booties (size 8-12).
  • Try our Extreme Glide Polish to give your slide board new life!

Additional Details

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